How to make a pickup bar with a triplet


I’m trying to make a pickup bar with a triplet, but after many tries, I can’t seem to get it done.
The best I can manage is this:
Is it sufficient to remove the remaining rest ? or is that just visual, and the rest will be there still, although invisible ?

Also, I find it very hard to create that triplet, with trying many, many times until Dorico decides to make it for me. Most of the times it will produce extra trailing rests, but I can’t find out the reason. What would be a failsafe method of creating such a triplet ?


With Insert mode on, one should be able to erase the initial rest and see the triplet move to the first beat. (Do not forget to turn Insert off after making any adjustments to subsequent note positions on the actiuve staff.)

If one activates the caret and selects the eighth note duration on the screen or with the 5 on one’s keyboard before pressing ;and 3 to start the triplet, Dorico should display a triplet of eighth-note rests for one to fill as desired.

This assumes one is using Duration-Before-Pitch entry mode.

erase the initial rest ? how ? or do you mean ‘remove rests’ from the menu ? No, that doesn’t seem to work. Although the rest seems to be removed, it is still there, and you can see the green bar stop at its location during playback…
And I guess with insertmode you mean the note-entering mode ?

I think I got it now :slight_smile:

No, I mean Insert mode.


From your edit I see you got it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think you intended a crotchet pickup, not a quaver? (Replace c,0.5 with c,1)

The source I have has this:


and when I use c,1 there will be a trailing rest :frowning:
like this:

so, it seems c,0.5 does what I think the source tells me to do - right ?

No. That tells me your “triplet” is not what it seems. It’s actually a 3:1e triplet rather than a 3:2e.


No, there’s still something wrong, I’m afraid. A triplet consisting of a quarter+eighth note takes the space of a (regular) quarter note, therefore the rest in the upbeat should also be quarter rest.
Your source has a bit of an undertermined wiggle in the upbeat, but that’s a quarter rest.
I think what you initially tried was to start the triplet with quarter rhythm (6) selected, assuming that was needed because the triplet starts with it. When you do that, Dorico creates a triplet of quarter notes, which in this case spans the barline into the next bar (and looks like two triplets that behave like one) What you need is:

  • select eighths (5)
  • start the triplet (;), type 3 (or 3:2), return
  • then (inside the triplet) select quarter (6), enter note
  • select eighth (5), enter note
  • end triplet (shift-:wink:
    Alternatively: type 3:2e in the popover to specify eighths right away.

Thanks all that replied.
Making the triplet is now working :slight_smile:
As is the pickup bar, although I still not quite understand why filling in c,1 has now the same result as c,0.5 :thinking:
Anyway, it works now :slight_smile: