How to make a PT use extender lines over selection?

Hey all,

I’d love the second behavior (Pedal marking) rather than the first!
How to do it?
PT Pedal

Make sure your “let ring” playing technique’s associated playback technique is set to be Direction rather than Attribute.

Playing techniques with Attribute playback techniques get input at each selected note, whereas playing techniques with Direction playback techniques get input once across the selection, with duration.


Hi Lillie!

thx for the hint, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work…
I looked at the vibraphone pedal, and there it is set to Attribute?

P.S.: Just tried with the vibraphone technique, it doesn’t work either. the only PT that behaves as desired, is the “ped” popover entry. But that Playback technique seems to be uneditable?


Can you post a sample Dorico excerpt for us to play with? I strongly suspect the situation is solvable but would like to actually try to see if I am correct.

The problem seems to be within the Continuation page of the Edit Playing Technique dialog.
The repeat dropdown should be set to “continuation line” and not to “repeat the symbols”.

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