How to make a stem of SOLELY the return of a reverb


My mix engineer wants stems of my song at the exact level they appear in my production (so he can work from my exact mix in Logic)… He wants a dry version of each layer, but he also wants JUST the reverb returns of any layer (a fully wet layer at the EXACT volume it appears in my production).

In the channel settings window for an instrument, I have tried switching the send colour form orange (FX AFTER the fader) to blue (FX BEFORE the fader) and taking the fader down to zero. Sure enough, I get the return sound of the reverb BUT it’s way, way louder in volume to how it appears in the song mix, which isn’t what we need.

In a way, one would like to just solo the reverb return channel and get it that way but, of course, that then automatically solos any layers that are using that FX at the time, so it can’t be done that way.

Can any kind and sage soul enlighten me as to how to achieve this drab dream? :rofl:


In audio mixdown select multiple track export, you will have the dry layer and then the effect channel would have the wet layer so just need to check the boxes.

If he wants all your send track effects in one track, send all your send effects to a group and export that.

Not sure I understood the question fully ,but I hope that helps.

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Hi, thanks for replying. Setting aside the dry stems, when you say ‘wet layer’ do you mean it would export the source sound plus the wet FX sound (contained in one stem) like you’d hear it in the mix? Because I need to send both dry (no problem obviously) and JUST the effect tail, as it were. Imagine if you could solo just the FX output of a fully wet reverb so none of the clean signal is in there - that is what I need to get stems of. So he can align the dry stem with the fully wet and they’ll be at the same volume as they are in my existing mix.

As soon as you set, as @gstar82 has shown in the screenshot, the channel selection as Multiple, you’ll be able to get an audio file for each and every channel selected, and this includes eventual reverb send ones.

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Ah, that’s brilliant. Thank you @gstar82 and @cubic13 for your help, it’s massively appreciated.

Hi and also @gstar82 , I now have a really weird problem connected to that… as I say, I’m creating stems for my mix engineer who wants dry stems and their effect returns as separate stems. I have a scenario where synth 1, synth 2 and synth 3 appear at different points in the arrangement but they’re all being sent to the same reverb A. I need to get 6 stems out of this: each synth’s dry stem and each synth’s wet stem. I started doing this by going to audio export, selecting ‘multiple’ and ticking the boxes of synth 1 and reverb A. Now, obviously merely doing that you get a return stem with the returns of all three synths in it. So I have turned off the sends in synth 2 and synth 3 and tried again. Still their returns appear on the synth 1 return stem! So then I even cleared the sends entirely of synth 2 and 3 and tried again. Amazingly (?) their return reverbs still appear in synth 1’s return stem! I even saved the project with nothing in their sends, turned the MacBook off and on and tried again. STILL they appear! Can you help me sort out this bizarre problem please?

I think that the only reliable way to get stems of each synth with their respective FX return stems is to set sends to different FX tracks, even if these have the same FX plug-in on it as insert. This way, you’ll get the 6 expected stems.

But maybe there is a more efficient way to do so… :thinking:

It works here, at least, using the REVelation plug-in as insert of three different FX tracks…

Thanks a lot. Yeah, I’m now doing it by clearing FX sends of tracks which share FX and, blow me down, loading up individual FX for each sound and copying the parameters so they’re all identical! Surely there’s an easier way? It’s like Cubase gives with one hand and takes with another.