How to make a tempo map of a MIDI track?

Hi esteemed colleagues!

I’d like to tempo-map a MIDI recording only? How would I go about this?



Select the MIDI Part and go for the Tempo Detection.

Hi Martin, thanks for chiming in!

Unfortunately, Tempo detection has never worked satisfactorily for me.
The initial detection is mostly imprecise at best, but correcting while in the TD mode regularly crashes my machine and usually garbles the tempo map completely. One of these days, I’ll make a video demonstrating this…
My workaround at the moment is to render the midi in place, and then use the resulting audio to manually adjust the tempo with time warp.
I just thought there was a more direct approach…

Cheers, Benji


Could you attach the crash/dmp files, you get, please?

You can also just copy the MIDI Part to an empty project and let Cubase detect the tempo in this project, to make sure just this MIDI Part is taken in account.

Here’s a depiction of the problem. The function has been behaving like this for many years.

Thanks for checking!