How to make/create Baseline in Cubase Pro 10.5?


I am working on a song and have already created the Drum, Percussion, melody/lead tracks in Cubase Pro 10.5 trial version.
I’ve also created the chords through the Chord track and linked to an instrument track to hear it.
Now I would like to create the Bass track based on my chords.

Here is my questions:
1- Is it possible to create the baseline by using Chord track (based on my chords) in Cubase? if Yes, how is the process?
2- What is the best way/option to create the baseline in Cubase beside playing the bass manually?

I would appreciate any help or assistance.

If you drag a bass line onto your project page from the media bay and tell the track to follow the chord track the bass will fit with the chords…

Thank you shadowfax for your reply.
So if I understand you correctly any dragged Baseline from Media Bay will follow my chord and scale, correct?
Does it follow also the rhythm, groove or cadence?

Dunno my friend, you’ll need to give a go and see, I don’t use this facility myself. :slight_smile:

If you are willing to buy a plugin then look at EZ Bass by Toontrack. It fits both the chords and groove, and works quite well.

If you want to write your own line from scratch (which I would encourage), then it is useful to set the Key Ed to color notes based on the Chord Track.

It color codes them (assuming you also have a Key set on your Chord Track).

  1. In both Chord & Key
  2. In Chord but not Key
  3. In Key but not Chord
  4. Not in Chord or Key

Dunno my friend, you’ll need to give a go and see, I don’t use this facility myself. :slight_smile:
Sure I will give a go and see how it works.
Thank you

Thanks for your reply.
I watched the demo, it’s very appealing.
For instance I don’t have any plan for buying the plugins but I’ve already saved in my favorite.

Hi raino,
Thanks for your reply.
Me too I am sequencing from scratch and trying to write my chords and base line.
By the way what is the advantage of colorizing notes on the Chord Track?
I am new to Cubase, could you please explain how can I colorize the chord notes?

The default is to color notes based on Velocity. There is a drop-down menu near the upper right corner that lets you change it to a bunch of other options, one being the Chord Track. The benefit of setting it to the Chord Track is that it gives you visual feedback on what’s happening musically. Each of the color options are useful for different tasks. But when writing music lines this is the most useful.