How to make Cubase copy audio files when dragging into project?

Hello everyone,

I have a project in which I dragged audio files from my windows explorer into the Cubase sampler.
I see that the audio files weren’t copied into the project folder (I didn’t get a dialogue asking about it).
However when dragging from the Media Bay, the files are being copied.

In my preferences I have it set to copy all files:

How can I make Cubase copy all files into project folder by default?

Thanks a lot in advance


If you drag and drop the files directly to the Sampler Track, the Import Audio settings (dialog) is skipped. You have to import the file to the project first. Then from the project to the Sampler Track.

You might want to try setting the “On Import Audio Files” dropdown to “Open Options Dialog” from “Use Settings.” Maybe that’ll reset it?


Use the Pool window…Import the file and right click on the file and create sampler track


No, this doesn’t help. The result is the same. The Import Options dialog won’t open in this case.

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Yes, it has to go thru the project.