How to make Cubase mixer show only relevant channels?

My current project consist of 10 instrument tracks with VI’s and 5 midi tracks. The midi tracks are send to a VEPro server with the instruments and return as audio.
Now to a mixing situation:
All my instrument tracks are present in the mixer, but I struggle quite a bit with the smartest way to have the 5 audio return from the VEPro server shown in the mixer as well. Right now I’m forced to look on all ca. 50 channels from the VEPro servers, but there are only 5 of them that I need to look at. Is there a way to make the mixer show only the channels where audio is passing through?
I know I can select which channels to view in the visibility pane in the mixer-left section, but isn’t there a way to hide channels that are inactive in the mixer?
In the inspector in the project, I can select the midi track and also the audio return channel corresponding to the instrument, but in the mixer I can’t find my way around this.

Is there a smart solution, that I just haven’t seen??
Regards Stig