How to make Engraving Frames global for all parts?

I’ve created a lead sheet I want to use for all instruments; from the Engrave page I’ve added some new frames and put in information for the song that I want visible to all the parts. (i.e. text directions and other notes about the music sitting above the staves) But when I create the page for the Alto Sax for example it defaults to the Alto Sax part without my new frames. It doesn’t seem to accept Copy & Paste—Is there a way of making these frames global across all instrument parts? Also, I would ideally like to save this whole thing as a template for future lead sheets I’ll create. I appreciate any help. Thanks!

If you want a certain layout to replicate itself in multiple parts, you want to create a custom master page set that you can apply to whatever part(s) you wish.

Have a look at this tutorial by John:

If you’re dealing with text instructions, you might want to check out Write -> Create System text. This text will appear above the staff in each part layout.

Fantastic, thank you!