How to make export settings save

My export file location changes to a mixdown folder inside the cubase projects folder everytime I want to export. Anyway to change this and make it save?

Ive done the basics of saving to desktop, saving the path, and so on.


In the Export Audio Mixdown window, click to the arrow next to the path. You have 3 options here:

  • Choose…
  • Use Project Audio Folder
  • Project Mixdown Folder

It resets every time I choose one. Is this new? It used to save my path as default and now I have to choose the path each export.


It works for me here, it is persistent. When I choose any option (or choose specific folder), close and reopen Export Audio Mixdown window, the same folder appears.

Mine always goes back to a ‘mixdown’ folder in the project folder which I do not want. Any way to choose a different folder and make it persist?


Choose the Choose option and set the folder, where do you want to store all your Mixdown files, please.

for some reason, the 11.41 update solved my issue. It now has saved my desktop as a location for exported files.