How to make GLOBAL HOTKEYS/SHORTCUTS in Cubase 9

Hi there,

so when I use hotkeys in Cubase with a Windows system, but focus a plugin window, then the hotkey does not work anymore.
This applies to the default hotkey “Go to Project Start” (Num .) for instance.

I want to be able to use Cubase (playlist) hotkeys even when I have a plugin window focused.
However I cannot find a “global” checkbox in the shortcut overview window.

Can anyone help me out with this, and is it even possible?
Happy composing,


Unfortunately this is not possible. Cubase Key Commands are based on focus.

Hello Martin, thanks for your reply.

I understand. I would be happy to have this feature in one of the future version. I love the program :slight_smile:


Send it to the Feature Request thread, please.

Thanks, done.

Have a nice day!

Link? would like to +1.

@mitchiemasha I see you already found it :smiley:

For everyone else interested, the link for the Feature Request thread to this topic is:

Generic remote is worth exploring, just to name a different approach.