How to make hairpins in Dynamics without collisions?

Hello, I was doing a piano part and wanted to put Hairpin crescendo starting mp–<f . I can’t seem to get it to work on the new pro!

I select RH first note then mp, its under RH note as desired. then I select hair pin crescendo < it forces me to select notes so even though LH is still active I have to select RH half note etc. Then I want f at end of the bar NOT on the last note in RH (as LH has 16th notes going) The way it works now is it goes to end of bar and i can’t move it anymore? I try but little circle does nothing! LH in piano parts does not always need separate dynamics. It’s a simple task Hair pins should and used to be dragged and set up where i want them with ease. The only way to get it to work with the new pro seems to have to put hairpins and dynamics below LH where pedal goes! I tried ungroup dynamics to free up hairpins but the little circle where you used to select to adjust does nothing. It’s marraid to the notes non-adjustable now. Thus if i un-group f (Forte) then put it before end of measure the hair pin always goes through the f or what ever dynamic you put to end of bar. I call it collisions, Hairpins need to be smart enough NOT to go entirely through dynamics? Old way let you just drag around where ever you need them. Then again I am ignorant to Dorico as still learning. I would love some guidance on how to easily put hair pins where ever i want and dynamics.

It sounds confusing. Is there a way that you can just drag and drop hairpins without being married to notes? I love the auto feature but it should allow me to adjust it afterwards and insert dynamic markings like metso piano, forte, etc… where i want to. Let me know of any tricks you have. I love this program!
Just hit a road block as older version you just dragged hairpins where you want and dynamic markings worked great! Now noooooo… :blush: .

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I just can’t freely move the hairpin! Is there a way to expand and move starting and end points. It must be me… In my template?I is like justify is stuck on, can’t get it to not, go to end of measure. It forces me to end at note duration!
I am reading and trying things. Should not be this difficult.

  1. click the note
  2. Click Dynamic (Forte)
  3. Click on Crescendo Hairpin
  4. Adjust Hairpin length to whatever i want
  5. Click DYNAMIC then click where it goes. Then adjust it appropriately
  6. HELP!

select all notes relevant for your dynamics
input the dynamics
end with Enter

I think, NutBag, you’ll find this video helpful: