How to make Key Editor show position of cursor


how to make Key Editor show position of cursor by default, not region’s start?
Every time i open (let say) long midi part, key editor takes me to the region’s start, not cursor position. So if i need to see or go there my cursor was i need to do workarounds.
It seems small thing, but slows down the process.
Thanks everyone :wink:

There’s no pref for that, so what I do is hit the zoom commands real quick. (g and h if you haven’t changed the defaults.)


yes i do those workarounds :wink:
ok then lets hope some kind of option about this in the cubase future

I’ve tried that too. The described effect only occurs to me when I open the Key Editor for the first time after I have loaded a project. The key editor then opens so that the position pointer can be seen. It would actually be good if it worked that way from the start.

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