how to make mediabay register samples into categories

how to make mediabay register samples in the different categories. I noticed after adding a large sample pack, that mediabay does not categorize the samples into beats, bass ect. I had 1872 beats before the pack was added band 1872 after, so no change. If i search for a specefic sample it is inside mediabay. So it is a lot of work to go through many samples…

This must be an issue for others too?

I guess, that it isn´t possible, since nobody answers :frowning:

You can tag them yourself.

You can tag multiple samples at once to speed up the process a bit.
But yes, if you have a lot of samples, it can be quite time consuming.

It’d be really nice if there was an industry standard… Kind of like MP3 with all its tags and the tag values.