How to make metal Drums sound better?

I’m new but I am just trying to make the most of the mics I have. Any suggestions?

Yes, you might want to give a lot more information if you want people to give you suggestions…
It is impossible to answer your question properly without knowing more about what you have, waht you want to achieve, how you are doing it at the moment etc.
The only things I can confidently say is a) keep learning and b) look into sample replacement.

Thanks for the reply. Here’s my setup. It’s in a garage… I know that’s not optimal but I am looking to do the best I can with this for now. Should I share a backup of a project?

I think I knew someone who had the exact same towel in the background… well, maybe :rofl:
I admit I am not a specialist for metal drums, but those on professional tracks usually are not those what you get simply from miking a drum kit. They are heavily processed and probably there is a lot of sample replacing/enhancing going on.
You seem to have close-miked your kit with several microphones, that is perhaps not the worst idea for detailed processing later on.
The rest is learning to mix metal drums (don’t ask me about that :grinning:) and yeah, what I wrote, look into enhancing your drum sounds with samples. You can do that with a bit of work in Cubase itself (using hitpoint detection on a drum track, extract MIDI to a track and the route that to e.g. Groove Agent, or buy a plugin like Addictive Trigger, Drumagog or Steven Slate Trigger.

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I’ve tried to start learning about Groove agent and doing that. Is there a better way to setup the mics?