How to make own chords in chord pads ?

is it possible to make your own chords in chord pads ? I am using groove agent 4 , the audio beat agent part and i am playing audio drum loops . In beat agent there is no way to latch a trigger note to keep it looping , but there is a latch option if you use chord pads , except you get about 4 pads playing at once because of the notes in the chord . Is there a way to make up your own chords and just use a single note for a chord ?

or any way to latch midi notes , as a midi insert ?

cheers for your time .

yes. you cam edit the chords. the way i do it is i load up the scale of chords i need, then i click the litle ā€œeā€ button and there is a 2nd window that pops up where you can change the chord by adding notes to it. hard to explain in words as i am not in front of my main music station. check the online sounrce.

thanks for the answer , but i was looking to subtract notes , your suggestion only gives you the option to add notes , but i think i have a work around . In groove agent 4 , i go into the pattern editor and delete all the notes in the drum pattern , and leave only one , a C1 for example , i then load in an audio drum loop in the instrument section in pad C1 and it plays with jam mode , on a loop , i then keep doing the pattern editing and adding drum loops untill i got it all loaded up , and then i save it . It takes ages but it does seem yo work
anyways thanks again for the suggestion !!