How to make random volume?

for example, I want the hat to sound at different volumes, like live drum. It’s possible to randomly pitch. But how to random make volume?

1.) Via automation
2.) Via changing the level of keys (pitch) in Drum Editor

I’m sorry, I can not understand. I know how to automation VOLUME in cubase. But I do not know how to groove agent. I see how to randomize the pitch, but not the volume.

Check the “Automation” in the manual of GA - GA will create an automation line in the project window as far as I remember.
Or output the needed pad from the GA track (create output busses to which the samples are routed) and then automate their volume in a standard way in the project window

If you automate, you need to do hands different volume. It is hard :frowning: And I want to do it for me GA.To do this, there is a parameter random pitch. And I need a random volume. Random volume is in the GA?
manual : “To assign a parameter to an automation parameter, right-click the parameter control and select Assign to New Automation. The automation parameter is created on the fi rst free automation parameter.” There is random pitch. And where is random volume?

I have cubase pro 8.5. It makes random volume for MIDI tracks. But if you make for MIDI only Hat, the cubaseit makes it all midi GA

There’s no randome volume in the same sense as the random pitch as far as I know… Making electronic music lively needs some portion of skills, time and work a computer does not do for you :wink: