How to make sure Velocity changes the volume of articulation?

I wrote some simple SFZ patch, using ChickenSys Translator to translate them to EXS24, and load the EXS24 file into HALion 6.
However, I found that the volume of articulation does not vary with different note velocity input.
This issue is a bit hard for me to search through the manual using related keywords, hence asking for opinions here regarding what else factors should I check through my HALion patch.

P.S.: I checked EXS24 files using PreSonus Presence XT Editor and it has no issue of such. Similarly, I use Prologue Sforzanzo to check the SFZ patches and found none of them has this issue, either.

Highlight the top item of the Program Tree and adjust these settings as needed:

I felt like it is a bug. I changed the value of the “Vel > Lev” and change it back and it finally works.