How to make this tricky tuplet?

I have a piece for piano that’s in 7/16 and sometimes uses a triplet in the upper voice. I can get this by typing 6:7 which I then use 3 eighth notes. The problem is it says 6 in the bracket. How can I change this to a 3 without changing anything else. I tried 3:7 trying to get 3 eights in place of 7/16 without success. Thanks

Delete the current tuplet. Select eights note duration, new tuplet, enter ‘3/3.5’, confirm. This will create a tuplet that allows 3 eights notes in the time of 3.5 eights notes. Which will also allow you to write 6 sixteenths note in the time of 7, but does display a 3.

Thanks StefanF, but following your directions using ‘3/3.5’ didn’t work. I entered an eighth note rest, opened the tuplet popover, but was I got was an eighth note triplet followed by a sixteenth note rest, not 3 eighths in place of 7 sixteenths.

Stefan’s method produced the same error for me as it did for you (perhaps he is using an updated version of Dorico in prep for future updates), so I tried your method of 6:7 but then hid the tuplet number in the Properties panel and then added the “3” as text.

Sorry, I’m not sure now, I’ll check in the office tomorrow.

Thanks for the replies, will wait for StefanF’s response.

Unfortunately our tuplet popover does not currently allow you to specify such a tuplet in those terms. For certain cases you can enable the ‘Use contracting ratio’ property to effectively halve the tuplet number that appears, but unfortunately this does not work for a 7:6 tuplet of 16ths.

What Stefan suggested is what we would ideally allow, but neither the released version nor our current development builds allow this kind of ratio.