How to make X note sound like a hit on guitar deck?

Hi! How to make a note with X notehead sound like a hit on a guitar deck?

Put the note into an alternate voice and then use Independent Voice Playback to send that voice to the desired sound…


Suppress playback on the note (if your sound effect is an unpitched percussive sound) and use a hidden staff to actually sound the note.

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Thanks for reply, Derrek!

Can you describe this process in detail? I mean, how do you hide/unhide staff, through the menu? How often?
Why I’m asking, is because its a little bit slow to constantly hide/unhide staff through the menu to see what will sound in real.

To hide a staff, insert a System Break at the start of a system and then right-click the System Break signpost > Staff > Manual Staff Visibility. This gives one the ability to hide any staves in the system until one repeats the process to reset it.


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Thanks, Derrek!
I just noticed that if I Double click or Enter System Break signpost, then Manual Staff Visibility window opens. It’s quicker than from the menu.