How to make youtube-like audio/videos in Cubase Pro 8.5.20

I’m interested in making some youtubes with a camera, sync’d to my Cubase tracks.

I know there are problems with Quicktime, but reading on the Cubase site, , it seems that there is still a way to do that:

From Hollywood blockbusters to popular TV series — Cubase is the favorite DAW of many of today’s most successful composers. With a separate video track, a scalable video window and a score editor featuring 100+ notation symbols, there’s everything on board to create professional scores…

Can anyone give any pointers/starters please, or maybe a link to a youtube on how to do this? Couldn’t really find much with searching.


You should be able to find a fair amount on this posted by Steinberg on YouTube.

Basically you’ll import an edited video and then compose music to that video. You then export the audio separately, and replace the audio in the video with your newly exported audio (it’s good to do this to a duplicate of the original audio).

It’s important to bear in mind that the video capabilities in Cubase really only allow you to use imported video as a “guide track” against which you compose your audio. Without QuickTime installed, there are currently no video functions in Cubase, although we might get an updated version before the end of 2016. There’s currently no way to my knowledge to create a video using only Cubase, although for very simple stuff you could probably make do with the “replace audio in video” function.

For very little money you can get capable video programs (the video people call them “NLE” - non-linear editor - programs, so NLE = DAW for video) that will provide much more flexibility in producing the actual end product video, including such stuff as titles, fades, etc. I can recommend Vegas Move Studio as one that will “feel” right to a Cubase user, as Vegas was originally a DAW, but became more specialised toward video over the years.

If you still don’t want to use an external application, you could try running the video in sync outside of Cubase, as suggested here. This method avoids any dependency on QuickTime, so you could even uninstall it from your DAW and run the video on a laptop.

Windows Movie Maker is still available for free on and actually has a lot of transitions and animations available.

Thanks for the hints, guys. I was all excited thinking that Steinberg had somehow gotten past the Quicktime being missing, based on their marketing website, and I could proceed all from within Cubase. Oh well, I guess not!

Hopefully there will be a non-QuickTime video engine available soon. You might want to subscribe to threads like this to keep updated. I suppose the important point is that Cubase would not be my first choice for creating YouTube videos; for composing the music, yes, absolutely, but not for putting the final video together.

As far as I know Quicktime isn’t missing.

I used Cyberlink PowerDirector for my CEO of the Day video. I found it to be fairly easy to use and was quite happy with the results.