How to manage new project naming?


Curious what you all do about project naming. With the name cubase creates project folders before opening I find myself ending up with a whole bunch of untitled1,2,3, etc. and when I rename project folders then I have to select the audio folder when opening the project again. Im able to work around these issues, but i feel like maybe there is a more streamlined way to go about this. Would love to hear your ideas. Thanks!


There are 2 parts of the answer from my side:

  1. There is a bug in Cubase (since Cubase 10, if I remember). once you create a new project the “Untitled-X” folder remains, even if you don’t save it or add any single track, to the project. In the previous Cubase versions these empty (not-saved) folders were deleted. This bug results in too much of “Untitled-X” folders.

  2. Very often, I also don’t know the title of the song, when I’m creating a new project. So I stay with the Untitled-X name first. Once I know the name, I just use the Back up Project function to copy all necessary data and files to the new folder (with the proper name).

Thanks Martin! That´s quite an interesting bug to have not been fixed yet :slight_smile: Hopefully they will get to the bottom of that asap. Ill try doing the back up like you when I have the project name resolved. Do you see any downsides to just changing the project folder name and .cpr file name instead? Seems like it prompts me for the audio folder location only the first time opening after changing names. Do you know if there any complications I could encounter later?



You have to set the project folder once, when you open the project for the very first time, after renaming the parent folder. That’s it. No more complications.

I always create new Projects in their own unique folder, as is good practice. If I don’t already have a name for the Project then both the folder & the Project are named after the date. So if I created a new Project today it would be named “1-3-21.cpr” (US style) and the folder “1-3-21”

I’ve never had the experience of having two ideas in a single day, but if that ever occurred I supposed I’d append a letter to the name “1-3-21B” - but two ideas, that’s just crazy talk.

Then later on if the unnamed piece develops into something with a proper name I use “Backup Project…” to give it a new name and home folder. I also use the Notepad in the date named Project to indicate what it evolved into, e.g. “this became CoolSong.cpr”

haha fantastic :slight_smile: crazy talk for sure :wink:

thanks for the input!