How to manipulate caret to get grace notes before barline?

Of course, I have looked at already.

I am having difficulty in placing the caret in such a way the last sixteenth rest is to the left of the grace notes and not to the right of the grace notes.

EDIT: And as I go along, I find I need to add cue notes to the end of a trill (see new attachment). Per from 27 Oct 2016, it is not possible to change the size of notes. Is this still the case? I was going to try and change the note sizes for putting those cue notes into a different voice.

Thanks so much, all!
notes at end of trill 26 July 2017.png
grace notes before barline in Dorico document 26 July 2017.png
grace notes before barline 26 July 2017.png

If I’m reading your question correctly, the caret has to placed at the first beat of the next measure. That will make the grace notes appear after the barline, but you can change this in the properties panel as Marc explains.

[slaps head] All-too-easy… I had done this before, but had forgotten. lol Many thanks!