How To Manually Install Factory VST's...?


There is a lot of VST content that doesn’t seem to be installed to Cubase.
Like “Raw Ambience”, “Blockbuster” and many others. They have folders in the “VST Sound” directory of the installation material. But when I click on the files inside it opens the Library Manager and says it “is of an unsupported product family”.

Anyone knows how to manually install these?

I tried to “change” the installtion but there are no options for these libraries to be installed in the installer wizard. Only for the ones installed already. Excluding libraries like “Blockbuster”, “Raw Ambience” etc.

Any ideas? - Thanks.


Just wondering - did you ever fix this? I’m in the same situation.
I also know that the .vstsound packages are present in by content directory. But the libraries never show up in cubase or groove agent etc.


I have same problem, and no solution.

Okay - I fixed this. Well mostly.
The main library I was trying to get hold of was “The Kit”. My problem seemed to be because the .vstsounds file for this library had gone straight into my content library which I keep on my e: drive.
However, I found that by copying and pasting the .vstsounds file to the default location of c:\programdata\steinberg\vstsounds\ - I was then able to start the cubase library manager program that comes with Cubase 10 and this time it actually saw that “The Kit” was available.
I then used the library manager to MOVE the content to my e: drive location, to which it told me it would overwrite the original files. After saying YES, I had got the content working, and on the drive of my choice.

Hope that helps.!!