How to map faders to control cc values?

Hey everyone,

New Cubase user here. I’m trying to figure out out to map faders to cc1, cc11, cc21 etc … In the mapping assistant there isn’t anything such as “controlling cc value…” I was looking into quick control but I can’t figure out how to get it consistent through all tracks. I saw some work around with the input transformer but it doesn’t feel super intuitive.

Basically I just want to program 3 faders on my nanokontrol 2 to always affect those cc values on my selected tracks.

Any ideas on how to set it up?

Really appreciate any help.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

MIDI Remote is here to control Cubase functions, not to remap MIDI data.

For this one, you can use Transform.

Or maybe the Quick Controls is the feature you are searching for, it depends on what you want? What is your use case?

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Welcome @Lisztomania !

Here’s the deal.

If nanokontrol has a companion application that allows you to dictate what each fader sends, you could do it from there. Adjust fader 1 so that it sends cc1 for example. Then, if you have your nanoKontrol’s “In All MIDI Inputs” enabled, you can select any track, record enable it, set the input to “All MIDI Inputs” at the inspector, play your keyboard(s), move the nanokontrol’s fader, CC1 data will show up on the track. That’s one way to do it.

If nanokontrol doesn’t offer such an application, you can do it with the input transformer which is the second easiest method. Know which CC message the fader sends out, transform it to CC 1 with the transformer.

The least intuitive method, but very powerful, is to use the MIDI remote. But with the MIDI remote, you don’t “use” MIDI messages, raw like that. The remote will accept MIDI from your nanokontrol ok, but then you need to map Cubase functions and parameters if they are to work.

If you want to have MIDI data on the tracks for Virtual Instruments, for example, I would suggest the Transformer route, ONLY if the nanokontrol cannot be easily remapped. If you want to write automation data to control the virtual instruments’ parameters, I would suggest the MIDI remote.

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Hello Martin, thanks very much.
Basically what I am after, is to assign 3 faders to a constant CC value (modulation, expression, vibrato), so I can easily use them on whichever track I have selected. Which is mostly my orchestral vsts.

Mmh Ok I see, thanks for that. I’m not aware of any companion application with the nanokontrol, but I’ll investigate those methods and get back to you!


As far as I know, Vibrato is not a MIDI CC.

You can add 3 MIDI Input Transformers to every MIDI/Instrument track, to change the incoming MIDI CC to the wanted one. But honestly, the easier way is to re-program your MIDI Keyboard to send the wanted MIDI CCs.