How to map Modulation (CC1) and Expression (CC11) to 1 Wheel?

By default, the modulation wheel send CC 1 data. I would like to map CC 1 (modulation) and CC 11 (expression) to my modulation wheel. Is it possible?

I have a Novation Launchkey MK3 61 MIDI keyboard. Maybe it can be easier to make this from the Cubase 13?

If you use Kontakt you can map midi CC1 and CC11 to the same control here your modulation wheel

what if I am not using the Kontakt? I would like use it for all VSTs

I don’t know this keyboard but I suppose you should modify some of the faders so that they respond to midi cc1 and/or cc11
with Novation Components keyboard software
see this little video
Launchkey [MK3] - Custom Modes // Novation

which will allow you to send midi cc1 and cc11 to cubase whatever the vst

This is not a trivial task in Cubase. It would require a setup where you use a track for the input, then use a MIDI send to duplicate the message onto another track, where you would use the input transformer to change this duplicated message from CC1 to CC11. Afterwards you’d probably need to use a virtual midi loopback cable (to be installed seperately) to re-route these two tracks to the MIDI input section of Cubase.

If you are on PC you could install the virtual MIDI cable and then use MIDI-Ox instead. It is a freeware that lets you do what you ask for:

MIDI signal flow would be like this:

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Wow! Thanks a lot for the help!

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