How to map older VST plugin to newer version of same plugin

I recently upgraded my Arturia VST for Jupiter-8V because the older version no longer worked in 64 bit Windows (it was crashing VSTBridge.)

Old version VST was named “Jupiter-8V”
New version VST is named “Jupiter-8 V2”

As such, Cubase 5 sees them as different plugins (which technically I suppose they are, but…)

Now when I open any project that used the previous version of the plugin, Cubase reports the plugin is missing and if I point the instrument track to the newer version of the plugin, not surprisingly the link between the old plugin and the sound patch it was using is now broken/gone.

Q: Is there a way to have the newer version of the same plugin essentially recognized as if it was the old one (sort of a drop-in replacement), such that track association and patch info remain intact?

Q: If the above is not possible, and I am stuck manually re-configuring all my old projects to use the new version of the plugin, is the patch information stored anywhere? I have no idea which patches/presets were used on various tracks across all my old projects. That info never used to display until the editor was opened, which I can no longer do with the old version since it crashes. I’m hoping patch info is stored somewhere.


I have the exact same issue. No matter what do Jupiter 8v doesn’t work in Cubase anymore. It’s ridiculous because CS80 and Mini Moog work fine.
Have you found a solution?