How to mark instrumental Ritornello?

I’m copying a piece of music which has an instrumental introduction, followed by a solo singer with accompaniment.

The Ritornello is marked at the end of each of the singer’s verses.

Screenshot 8

I’m trying to think of the best way to represent this, for score and parts, in Dorico, without just pasting the music over and over. Any ideas?

The most “technically correct” way, which would also play back, would be to put each verse under a 1st/2nd/nth ending, but that would certainly not be the prettiest. You could also use Codas to separate each verse, then add Rittornello as system text each time at the end.
That being said, this is very obviously a shortcut to save paper and/or handwriting effort, which both don’t really apply anymore. As long as the number of verses and ritornelli isn’t ridiculous, I’d just copy it out.

You’re probably right: I was just wondering if there was a clever way of achieving it. The trouble with System Text is that it would appear in the bar before the Ritornello. I thought about adding an extra bar with a horizontal line and the text across it, but that’s a bit mad.