How to merge two added voices within a part

I have the following measure in a violin part in which I used shift-V to create “temporary” secondary voices for the short double-stops (in which one of the notes continues on).

I would like to have only a single secondary voice, but creating the D and the G generated two voices. How can I make them both part of one extra voice (i.e., make them both purple or both green)?


Select one and press V until it’s in the same voice as the other one.

The purple D is listed as “downstem voice 2”. The green, after a bunch of “V”'s, is now off in the weeds on “downstem voice 11”. Is there a key-command to walk the voices backwards?

See if you like using the History… dialog box under the Edit menu (at east, that’s where they are in Mac OS).

That’s a good tip…but still want to know if I could have walked the green voice backwards from its starting point (higher voice number than purple) to match the number for the purple voice.

It appears (by looking at the key mapping preferences) that there are individual commands for setting a note to be on a specific voice, as long as it’s one of the first few numbers. Just not enough key combinations to go around.

The purple and green voices would presumably have been created by using SHIFT + V instead of V without the SHIFT to move from one voice to the next without creating a new voice.

One could select the purple note (and rests) and press just V until the purple voice matched the green. Once one closes and reopens Dorico, unused voices will disappear.

Use V, not Shift V.

V switches between the existing voices. Shift V creates a new one.

Alternatively, you can cut and paste to a specific voice.

Or select everything on this staff and use the menu option to change to a specific voice (Edit > Voices > Change Voice > [voice]).


The answer to this question is No, there is no command to change to the previous voice, only the next voice. As for stepping back through creating too many voices, our only tool is Undo.

(To the team: Could it be useful if Shift-click on the Next Voice button would do “Previous Voice”? Cycling through all voices can sometimes spoil rhythmic notation.)

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Unused voices gets cleaned up when you close projects, so you don’t need to worry too much about that: sort your voices out, save, close, and reopen the project. All will be well :slight_smile: