How to mimic archtop jazz guitar sound?

How to mimic archtop jazz gtr sound with a solid slab with P90s?
Any ideas?

How about selecting a significant subject? “Problem” is pretty close to “Topic” and does not say anything.
Giving your very specific question a less generic subject will definitely increase the likeliness of getting an answer.

Anyway, the Jazztone preset in Cubase’s AmpSimulator actually does a pretty good job. In general, if you don’t want to use an instant solution (I like Guitar Rig, too) some EQing (less treble, more bottom), moderate tube distortion and a decent warm room will bring you in the right direction. Add some spring reverb to make the sound a bit more vintage if needed.

Thank you for your responses.

I put four DPDT on-off-on switches on a little round aluminum plate.
Then I split the two humbuckers in a guitar into four single coils.
After that I wired them so that each “singe coil” can be either ON in-phase, OFF or ON out-of-phase.
Given that each of the four switches can have three positions I have 3x3x3x3 = 81 positions.
I hardly ever used any volume control or tone control on guitars so I just dumped them for now.
There is still room for it on the front though …
Anyway, getting something useful out of 81 positions could seem daunting but it’s actually the opposite!
And some of the sounds that pops out of that guitar …
… well, lets just say that it makes all the soldering and crap worth every second of swearing! :sunglasses: :laughing:
If I know I need something powerful and dark I go for the neck as a humbucker.
If I need some silly thin funky rhythm sound I go for the two bridge coils out of phase.
I can also get some sounds that with the right ampsim works like a acoustic substitute.
I’m sure it would be possible to mimic a jazz arch top as well, at least the function of it in a mix.
After having used it for some time it sorta gets second nature :sunglasses:
Having that said I guess this guitar is a little studio monster that would be a pain playing live :mrgreen:

I can vouch for the line6 variaxe mentioned earlier… a friend of mine has one, one or two of the sounds aren’t great… the acoustic is errrrm crap to be polite about it and the sitar isn’t much use either but the tele sounds superb! as do the strats… sound just like the real thing to me… the les pauls are fantastic, the ES335 is bang on too…
personally i think they look like a dog’s dinner gone wrong but they are EXTREMELY good value! if you have one of the newer pods you can hook them up to them with an RJ45 cable and in the studio they are wonderful to have around! in fact if i get some spare cash… :wink:
Variaxe bass is a TOTAL dog though… avoid at ALL costs!

:open_mouth: Mad Professor from Sweden! It would be very interesting to see a picture of it and hear sound samples, too.