how to mimic GA vintage/turntable mode

As the topic says, i wanna mimic those mode but out of GA (and sometimes cause warping in GA does grey out the option to use those modes).

I, now, use a lot my drum samples directly in the sequencer windows (you can see the tails easier, and cut/fade/etc visually) so I would love to replicate (without 2 much 3rd party VSTs) those modes.



Could LoopMash FX help?

You could look at Izotopes free vinyl simulator:

With a bit crusher or Quadrafuzz v2’s decimate function you can come pretty close.
Check out this useful info by Matthias Quellmann (entire post is here):

to “Martin” and “Manike”

I know the topic title said “turntable” but in GrooveAgent there are 2 modes “vintage” and “turntable” but it looks more like a “old sampler” thing more than a “vinyl FX”.

It’s more of 12bit samplers and aliasing.

I already got the Izotope free vinyl (great one BTW) and yeah Loopmash is nice for tapestop Fx.

Yes I know but I was trying to replicate the exact same FX for like a “sampler track”… so yeah tried some BitCrushers. I kinda emulate the vintage mode pretty well (with 3rd party plugins, like the Air Bitcrusher…I programmed and saved some presets for known old school sampler bitrate etc).

Tho for the turntable mode it’s pretty hard to do it from scratch, as I dont know how to simulate the “record at 45RPM instead of 33 with +35% pitch”… pitch % can be achieve in the “pitch shiuft” i think (by memory).

But how to emulate that recording at 45RPM on a 33RPM vinyl in Cubase? (to later then pitch shift it 5.2 semi down)

PS: I love the “vintage mode” on drums… but when i use a melodic loop (like makin those old school hiphop beats) I really love that “turntable mode” aliasing.

And having no 3rd party plugins saves my cpu (I hate bouncing track back and forth lol)

SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET (the wire reference lol)

I just got it like i’m so dumb…realized when replying to NILES that theres was no “+35%” pitch on say a SL1200 Technics turntable. So that 35% is the difference between 33 and 45.

So yeah gonna pitch up my audio 5.2 semi, bounce…add the AirCrusher set to any known sampler settings, bounce…pitch shift audio down 5.2semi.

But anyone knows how to use the steinberg bitcrusher to get the “26.04kHz”? i see the depth to get the “12 bits” but cant resample