How to monitor Amplitube on Cubase "live"

Hey! What’s up!? So I’ve been using Amplitube in Cubase to get some interesting stuff, but I can only hear once I recorded a guitar part, no after. How can I monitor it live? I mean, hear the preset (effect) while I’m noodling?
Can it be done? Or do I have to buy some other piece of gear? Anyway, thanks for Reading guys.


If I understand your question correctly…

There is the Minitor button (orange speaker) in the Track Controls. When this is switched On (orange), you can listen, what comes to the Input of the track. This is useful while recording. When Monitor is switched Off (grey) you can listen, what is recorded in the track. This is useful while playback. Switch the Momitor Off, please.

I didn’t knew that, thank you! But I’m still tring to figure out how to hear what I’m doing in Amplitube- Here is what I do.
I open a new track, add an Effect (in this case Amplitube) I select an amp that I bought from Amplitube’s Custom Shop, but I can’t hear anything from this amp until I’ve recorded something with it. I only hear my real amp and pedalboard, not the “amp” that is on Amplitube in Cubase.
So, how can I listen to my guitar with the amp effect from Amplitube instead of listening to what and how my amp sounds. I just want to be able to hear that. Or do I need something else to do so? Anyway, Thanks for Reading.


I see, you cannot hear the Amolitube effect while recording? Then, lets check, if your Constrain Latency Compensation (the screenshot is from Cubase SX, but the button is the same) is not switched On. If yes, switch this Off, please.

Thank you, I can hear it now, I get both sounds, from Amplitube and from my pedalboard. The only thing I noticed is that the sound is a Little bit out of sync. A few mls after every note that I play, how can I fix this? I hope you can help with this too. Thank you so much for everything. (:


This is the latency issue. Every Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) has some latency. To decrease it, open Devices > Device Setup, and click bellow to your sound card name (under the VST Audio System), on te left side. Here, click to Control Panel, and here decrease the Latency (or Buffer Size).

But, Amplitube is very RAM and CPU consuming plug-in. So it could be, your sound becomes distorted, or even not audible. Increasing the Buffer Size, you will fix it. So, in fact, you have to find a compromise, here.