How to monitor external compressor (Cubase 11 Pro, SSL2+)

Hi, first post here :slight_smile:

I’m on Cubase 11 Pro and using an SSL2+ interface. It has 4 outputs and 2 inputs. I’m physically sending a mixdown out of outputs 3 and 4 and it’s returning physically into inputs 1 and 2.

Definitely have the output routing right as I can see it metering on the compressor. When the “monitor mix” knob on the SSL is anywhere towards the input (which would hopefully allow me to monitor the effect of the compressor on my mix) I hear a feedback loop.

Is there a way to control this routing in Control Room to avoid this happening? I’ve been using Cubase for many years now and am relatively adept with 11. Unsure if this is an issue with the interface or routing in Cubase.

It’s a very frustrating issue because I can’t see any reason for feedback in any of the routing so I’m very grateful of any knowledge and wisdom!

Thanks in advance.