How to monitor MIDI notes inputs in VSTi instruments?


I have created a custom playback technique ( expressivo in Violins I A combi) and set the key switch to F0 with C3 being the middle C ( as in Halion, I suppose).

However, It seems F0 is not triggered when I playback the score on the notes ( directive) have expressivo (expre.) on them!
Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 8.42.35 PM

How can I check to see what MIDI message ( note number) is triggered by the flow?
The play mode doesn’t show expr. as playing technique either as in the image below:

Any help would be appreciated.

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I occasionally use this:
MIDI Monitor


Maybe not the most elegant solution, but I will load a plugin that has a keyboard at the bottom to see what is actually being received.

There are two parts to this - A) is the technique being triggered ? I look first for what techniques are being triggered in the playback technique lane for the instrument in the play tab. Then B) I look at what notes are being triggered by the technique if I need

I have midi monitor. But I don’t think I can insert it in channel strips as a plug-in.

What I usually do in Play is create a MIDI instrument and connect it to MIDI monitor then set the instrument, a violin say, to send to that MIDI instrument. Then MIDI Monitor will show me what the Xmap is sending out.


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Another option is simply to export a MIDI file. When you export MIDI, Dorico outputs exactly the notes and controllers that it uses during regular playback.

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@dspreadbury I hope there was an easier way. Maybe borrow MIDI monitor ( include it in channel strip ) from Cubase!

Do you think I can use the virtual cable (IAC driver on Mac) to monitor it? I wish there was a MIDI monitor VST for purchase.

You can use an IAC and route the messages to | Protokol . Some plugins, such as Kontakt have their own MIDI monitor too.

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Does HSSE have a MIDI monitor?

No, I don’t think so, but you can see the keys on the virtual keyboard.

Yes. But it is often difficult to see if a key is pressed in HSO/HSSE. I wish there was a red dot or something showing up there are multiple colors sometimes near key switches that make it difficult to see if a key is pressed or not!

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