How to move a note up or down in the score editor?

How do I move a note up or down a semitone in the score editor - like in the key editor ?
Up/down arrows move to the next staff.
Shift up/down arrow move notes an octave.
I know I can do it with the mouse, but I would really like to do it with a key command…
Anyone ?

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The key command is Nudge Up

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Two options among others:

  1. Mouse wheel
    Enable in Preferences>Scores: “Use Mouse wheel to Transpose Notes”
  2. Key command
    Assign keys to “Up” and “Down” from Nudge folder in Key Commands.

@steve beat me to it :+1:

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Ohh - that was assigned to something different here. I think my key commands have a problem…

Yes - that works too :+1:

Thank’s guys :slight_smile: