How to move ALL parts when dragging ONE part

I’m seeking a way to make all the parts in my arrangement window move when I move a single part… in some programs they call this “cascade” moving. Example:

I cut a period of silence out of an audio file. Now I have a gap. I click on the part on the right and drag it to the left to fill the gap. When I drag it to the left all the other tracks and parts don’t move. But is there a way to make them all move when I drag the single part without having to manually select them?



Use Shift + Double-Click to the Audio event to select the one + all following Audio events. Then you can move all of them at once.

Hmmm doesn’t seem to work. I’m on a Mac. Does that make a difference?

Also I want to move ALL track events… not just events in same track that follow

If you group the events “CTRL+G” things will work like you want. “CTRL+U” to ungroup.

I have a key shortcut (alt + e) for “select all from cursor to end” for that :slight_smile:

Cunning! I’m going to try that. I’ve been foolishly drawing over everything with the select tool for years, and it’s very clunky and frustrating.

Thanks for the tip.

Also, the feature request, ripple edit would help here. You could support it in the future.

I do like this “select all from cursor to end” and will be creating one myself. Is there a “select all from cursor to start”?

Yep, that also gets the job done and yes, you can select “from start to cursor”, there’s no default shortcut for it, you can create one in key commands under the Edit menu, or find it through the RMB menu.
Start to Cursor.png

Yes I went crazy with key commands and created this…

Just going through some new changes for 10.5 and editions from the forum.

Key commands and macros, can’t live without them! :smiley:

RIPPLE EDIT! That was the word I was looking for! Thank you! OK I will try grouping for now. Thanks gang!

Unfortunately grouping doesn’t move the markers too :frowning:

OK so I am clear. Is there a faster way to do this?


Would you mind to move even the other grey events?

If not, what about to use Delete time Function then?

Sorry I don’t follow you


By Left and Right Locators set the area you want to delete and use Edit > Range > Delete Time function.