How to move/alter the grid so a particular beat is delayed?

Hello colleagues,

I need to alter/move the grid so the delayed snare of every 3rd beat of every bar in my drumming track will be the reference for all the audio tracks in my project (guitar, piano, etc.). This way I will be able to quantize or warp to that delayed beat all the audio tracks.

Since I have CUBASE 9.5 ARTIST so “Time Warp Tool” or “Merge Tempo from tapping” is NOT an option for what I am trying to do, I wonder if there is any simple/creative way to be able to do this or a workaround. As far as I know, “swing” does not help because it does not apply to the 3rd beat.

Could you give me a hand, please? Very much appreciated.

Jorge, Barcelona, Spain

Hi and welcome,

Do you mean MIDI or Audio.

For MIDI you can use Logical Editor:
( Type Is | Equal | Note | And
Position | Inside Bar Range | 960 | 1440 )

Position | Add | *wanted value* PPQ