How to move between song sections live?

I have connected my Midi controller to the actions Next Part, Previous Part and Select Part (dead simple btw :+1:). And sure enough, I can now select Parts from my controller. But I can’t get them to start in quantized time (or real-time for that matter).

Example use case:
I’ve got a nice vamp going through a cycle loop. But after a while I see audiences dozing off, all bored. So I need to go to the Song Part called End (in quantized time - can’t loose the beat). How to do that?

VST Live does not support any kind of transport jumps except cycle yet. This will be added later.
You can however already activate cycle on/off via Actions and Shortcuts. If there is a solo of an undefined number of passes, but fixed length, you can deactivate cycle when the solo is over and it will seamlessly continue.

Ok. I get it. And as soon as there are two undefined song parts (like intro and solo) I need to split the song in two…

I’m a bit curious, though. All you who use VST Live for live sets: do you really have such predefined song sections? I’ve been playing live since the 70s and can’t really remember doing any sets where songs are so well defined (except in TV and such when you need to keep things exact).

Nice idea to deactivate/activate cycle via actions and shorts.
@Torbjorn_Hedberg I have several situations where songs are very strictly defined. Most of the time this is when it includes backing tracks or when it is synced to external video or DMX. Another situation might be where you have tempo and meter changes.

Ahh, good points. Thanks.

Maybe I’m too used to the spontaneity that Ableton Live allows (but it has other aspects that really makes me want to move to VST Live).