How to move Cubase LE 1.07 projects to another DAW? (Reaper)

I have some old projects recorded in Cubase LE 1.07 that just consist of drums at the moment. I’ve been trying to find a way to transfer them to Reaper, but when I try to move them, the audio and MIDI/click don’t line up.

The first project is 44.1khz, 100bpm, and Reaper is set for that as well. Initially on import, Reaper changed the tempo of the audio to match whatever the project’s metronome was set to. I got it to stop doing that, and still had issues, so I mapped out the time signatures as well, and also tried using the original MIDI file to set the tempo on import.

Anyway, from there I thought if started the Reaper project one measure late and used Cubase’s offset numbers, I could line up the tracks from each take manually. That didn’t work. I looked for a way to do it by samples rather than beats, but couldn’t figure it out in Reaper and gave up on that route.

I then finished comping the different takes together in Cubase, and tried bouncing or doing an audio mixdown of each individual drum mic track, figure that must be foolproof. That didn’t work either.

To test whether it was Reaper that was causing the issues or Cubase, I then tried repeating the process in Harrison Mixbus. Hadn’t used that before, so had to jump through some hoops of learning how to setup a time signature/tempo map and all, but got it figured out eventually. But it still didn’t work.

Comparing the MIDI tracks with the audio, the audio ends roughly, but not exactly, one beat earlier than the MIDI. You can hear (and see) it start to get out of time early in the song, and it just gets worse until the end. The result is the same in either Reaper or Mixbus.

I am completely baffled as to what is happening. Ideas? I was hoping to not have to continue using Cubase LE to finish these projects.

Hi and welcome,

MIDI data must match. It’s based on the clock of the sequencer.

But the Audio is an issue (if you transfer from any one device to any other device). The only one way is to keep Reaper to sync it to its tempo. In Cubase we call this Musical Mode (I don’t know, how this is called in Reaper).