How to move dynamic marking above 15mb-lines

Dear users and developers,

How could I place dynamic marking above 15mb-lines as default?

Just to confirm, you mean between the notes and the octave line?

In the example above, the dynamic marks attached to the lowest a of the piano should be placed between the note and the 15ma-line.

I don’t think there is a way to make this default. It’s not the first time I’ve been wrong though!

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Daniel is correct that there’s at present no way to do this by default, because slurs/tuplets/octave lines/articulations will always be positioned together before anything else can be positioned. This is something that we need to return to, but it’s a big job and not something that we are expecting to work on imminently.

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My first thought was it would not look sensible with the dynamics inside, even though they might fit, because the line applies specifically to the notes. If there are examples of more than one dynamic inside an octave line in the literature, I’d be curious to see.

But on second thought, with separate dynamics for voices on one staff, this might be a job for an enclosing box that you occasionally see in piano music, to make it obvious that 15ma applies to both voices.

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