how to move events in midi editor???

Hi everyone. I am learning Elements 9 right now and am not understanding the midi editor. How do I move note events? Clicking on them with the selection tool does not work. This does not move the note, it draws a second note. I cannot believe such a basic operation can even be an issue. Pretty awful. Can someone help me do this most basic movement, please?
thank you so much

Hi and welcome,

Choose the Object Selection tool and click the MIDI note and move. Or you can use Key Commands: Ctrl+left/right arrow, or up/down arrow.

Yes thats how it should work but it doesnt. What could be causing this?

Hard to guess. Could you make a video, please?

the thing is
when I draw notes myself with the mouse, I can move those with the object selection tool
but the notes recorded with the midi keyboard cannot be moved. the selection tool will draw other notes over them. they also can´t be erased with the eraser.

Just guessing but, are you directing your recording into a non-active/different part than is currently being viewed/worked on with your mouse input…? Maybe it is so, in which case, after recording go to the top of the Editor window and choose which part to make active.

If they are one and the same part, then try this - close and re-open the Editor window after recording… Any better.? Otherwise, I’m out of ideas…

I sort of figured it out. It´s got to do with midi channels. Very complicated. Works now, but I don´t fully understand it yet. if the midi output is set to “any” it doesn´t work.


If the MIDI Out is set to “Any”, the change is, it sends the MIDI data to the Channel, which is defined directly by the MIDI Event (MIDI Note), not by the settings in the track. This is the only one change. It shouldn’t affects the editor behavior.

It would be really nice, if you could provide a video.

can you upload videos here?
midi is a nightmare. I will never really understand it. but the channel setting is definitely changing the behaviour of the editor. when set to “any” I also cannot hear the notes I draw, only the ones I recorded. This is the answer I got from the Yamaha Synth expert on this issue: "Channel setting = “Any” means the channel on which the information comes in on, it goes back out on.
In on 1 back out on 1
In on 2 back out on 2, and so on.

Drums are in Part 3, this means the Montage is transmitting (generating) note data for drums on channel 3.
This means to generate data that triggers the Montage drum Part you will need to do so on MIDI channel 3."

So, I assume that when I´m not on the channel of the specific part, when I try to move a note it does not work for the same reason.


You can upload video to Dropbox, or similar service, and share the link here.

What is your goal?

I played with it for a while and found out the problem of not being able to move notes in certain midi channel modes has nothing to do with Cubase. The same happens in my other DAW. It has all to do with my synth and its patches that have several midi channels. I figured it out now. Thanks for your help.