How to move external audio files used in the project into the project folder?

Some of audio files used in the project are located on a backup drive and there’s no copy of them inside my project’s folder for god knows what reason.

I went to Pool and found them but I don’t see any option like “copy to project folder” or anything like that.

Is there a way to move them? They’re scattered among different folders and it’s going to be a major hassle to locate and move them manually one by one.

Thank you.

My PREPARE ARCHIVE is greyed out? What do I do now?
I see that when I open the Pool Window, my “Project Folder” is incorrect and not the folder in which my project file is located. How do I change the “Project Folder” of my current project?

What I would do is to use the File>Backup project command which allows, first, to save the project in another unused folder and, second, to be sure that all the media files related to it are saved in the same relevent place (.\Audio subfolder).

Now that I made a backup in a NEW folder, all my audio clips were copied there but my “Project Folder” in Pool Windows is now the folder where my previous project file was saved! And all the files are shown in duplicate

This is infuriating. How do I get ALL my stuff in ONE folder?

I haven’t even begin to use Cubase and my folders are a TOTAL mess.

What is the correct way of doing this?

Doesn’t happen, here : when backing up a project, the pool shows the project related medias in their relevent places. I would try to quit Cubase after saving and relaunch it, and see how things go from there, using the new backed up project…

I’ve restarted Cubase and the Pool’s Project folder reflects correctly.