How to move from eLicenser-based to Steinberg Licensing-based?

My Steinberg licenses are currently eLicenser- based.
My Nuendo 10 license is on a USB-eLicenser and then I have a few instuments in Soft-eLicenser.
How do I move/transfer all of these to the new Steinberg Licensing-based system where I can have everything through online licensing from Steinberg so that I do not have to carry around my USB eLicenser all the time to have my Nuendo running ?
Needless to say, the risk of the USB eLicenser wearing out which could lead to problems.
Can the transfer from eLicensing to Steinberg Licensing be done directly online some way ?

You’ll have to purchase an update to Nuendo 12. That’s currently the only way to switch Nuendo to the new licensing system.

The following products also support Steinberg Licensing:

Please note that the Absolute Collection license is currently still eLicenser-based, even if some of the included plugins now support Steinberg Licensing.

See also: Upgrade voucher in MySteinberg for switching to Steinberg Licensing