How to move groove agent, Halion, padshop etc from my OS drive to my install drive

Hello, please someone tell me how i can move the virtual instruments off of my C drive? I installed cubase on my F drive and wish to have that as my music production HDD, but for some reason, though i told cubase to install on F, the virtual instruments have installed on C. i dont have the room on C to keep them there.

Thankyou for your help

The Instruments themselves (the VSTi’s) don’t take up much space and they really want to be in their default location on your system disk. However the content used by those Instruments can be huge and that is what folks generally relocate to other disks. For Steinberg content, like Groove Agent etc. you can use the Steinberg Library Manager to relocate it. Moving content for other manufactures will be specific to their products.


Hi Raino thanks for your reply. i have tried using the library manager to do this, but i still have 3.3GB Groove Agent SE rock pop toolbox drums, 3.15 GB HALion Sonic SE Content, and all the others which i used the manager to move still showing on my OS drive. also id like to add that the library manager is showing these having moved to E drive

It sounds like you might have 2 copies of some or all the content files. Verify first, but if so you could just delete the ones on the C: drive. Then on your E: drive double+click on any of the .vstsound files. This will launch the License Manager and register anything it finds in that Folder or sub-folder.

If some of the files are only on the C: drive you could move them using the OS to the E: Drive & double+click to register.

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