How to move group tracks and vca faders to right side of mix cousel

Trying to move my group channels and vca faders to right side of mix counsel.
The group channels move no problem but the vca faders get mixed within the group channels. Any way of keeping the grouped on their own?

You can move all channels to the left or right side in the left zone area in the mix console.
Within these groups of channels the order is defined by the order in your project window.
e.g. VCA fader track17 will always be left of group fader track18, indifferent in which zone the faders are.

Hope that was helpful and sorry for my bad English
Cheers from Munich

Thanks for the info much appreciated.

It is suppose to follow the order in the project window, but unfortunately it often follows the tack ID, and there has been a long standing and seemingly forgotten Defect with track ids.

Why the order of track creation is ever taken into consideration for anything smacks of lazy coding. Instead of assigning IDs to the track, assign an order number which matches the order in the project window,

(assign a GUID to be the track ID)

Then allow reordering in the mixer.

The whole select deselect - regions thingy on the left is a pain! That was a horrible idea, bad UI design, and confusing. That, and it doesn’t work right.

Also, when you make a new track it automatically shows up on every mixer configuration you have created, and that makes the configurations useless, because you have to manually go over every one of them removing the new track every time, If course you don’t do that, so every time you switch views you are presented with confusion and you have to manage the view first, and then… what was I coming to this view for again?



I would also like to do that all groups/FX/VCA/Stereo out are always pinned to the right. It’s pretty tedious always to do that in new projects. any ideas on making a macro so I can pin all these mentioned to the right side via shortcuts?

I know I can make a template with all these pre-defined, but I sometimes like to start with almost empty project