How to move item with tempo track

Hi 2 all! Situation: I Have detected Tempo of audio item and then decided to move it forward on some bars. I move and tempo track stays at origin position, while audio clip moves. How to move them both?


Were the Tempo nodes selected?

No. Can it help? I’ll try now.
I’ve tried — they moved in separate ways/


What do you mean, please?

Audio track moved futher than Tempo track. You can see it in image. Originally they were synchronised.
P.S. Solved. But not perfectly: in Musical Mode they moved together correctly, but metronome clicks slightly shifts and sounds not nn time.


Could you please make a video screen recording, or make a screenshot before you moved the events, then describe how exactly you moved the events?

Hi, (sorry for my delay)

I see the point, now.

The reason is, Cubase shifts the objects (Audio events and Tempo events) track by track, one by one. So, it shifts the Audio event first. The new position of the Audio event depends on the Time base settings and the tempo changes. Then the tempo becomes shifted.