How to move multiple warp markers at the same time?

Let’s say I have a phrase where two notes are 1/8th behind. I want to move both of them simultaneously. How do I do that?

did you`ve used to try it with the select-tool from the toolbar of the editor?

no, sorry. unfortunaly it´s not possible, i´ve tried it out and read in the manual. just keep on fighting with the program and learn how to make ways instead, to come to your aim. :wink:

Bummer. :neutral_face:

It is especially useful because when you want to move a warp marker and you want to preserve the warp markers of the succeeding beats, you either have to move them seperately and keep track of the space between them in your head, or move them together.

Any idea if this is in v8 or 8.5?

no, i think this is not possible in Cubase :frowning: , but it would be very useful, exactly for the thing you described, and i would wish this function in the next version, too.
P.S.: ya, it´s a little bit crazy, that this option isn´t there in Cubase, for which purpose do you want warp multiple markers for parallel structured beats, for tempo-assignment?, but therefor there is another useful option, you can do.

Same expectation here… It would be very useful. Is it now available in more recent version ? (I have the version 11 and it doesn’t seem to be possible).