How to move one random bar onto another page when engraving?

Hi all,

I have run into another issue and I just cannot figure out how to get this one bar off of the page in my piece. This is what it looks like:


Layout Options–Note Spacing–Only justify final system when…

To force it onto the previous page, you can choose “Make into System.” Or the better suggestion would be to reduce your note spacing to something like 3 5/8.

The problem is that the final system will look squashed with three bars, but it would look even worse with only two bars.

Probably the “best” solution is reduce the staff size a bit, so three bars will fit properly on the last system.

If this is your own composition you might consider notating the last bar as just a half note and a half rest, to save a bit of horizontal space. Add a “rit” or a fermata if you want the note to be a bit longer than two beats!

There is a reason why published music is usually printed on pages bigger than A4 or US Letter. You just found out what the reason is - long bars don’t fit very well onto short lines.

Another option is not to show even abbreviated staff labels on the 2nd system onwards (steps here) - if the piece is explicitly for piano and cello, the brace on the piano staves makes it pretty clear which instrument is which. That might save you enough horizontal space without much additional adjustment.