How to move part of a long bar back into previous system

Refer to this screenshot:

The first system is spaced too wide, and I want to get part of the next bar back into the first system, but I followed the new instructions for moving bars back in the Dorico 4 Version History notes, but it does nothing, I suppose because the bar starting on the second system is long. What to do?

You should certainly be able to force Dorico to show those two bars on the same system. If you select the existing system break signpost at the start of the first system and activate the Wait for next system break property, what happens?

@dspreadbury you are a marvel. Beats me why I couldn’t see that despite using it all the time! Funny how the mind works. :slight_smile: A large thank you.

Also probably worth being aware of this new preference in v4 for whether system/frame breaks should always snap to barlines or be allowed within bars.

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