How to move part of audio track with ALL it's lanes?

Hi, in cubase 10 pro arrange window, when I move a track segment only one of it’s lanes is moved. Searched the documentation and googled. This must be easy but I’m blowed if I can find it and driving me nuts as I have to tediously expand the lanes and select all of them to copy. I’d really appreciate your wisdom. Many thanks


You have to select all lanes. So don’t click to the Audio event, use the lasso selection, please.

Group the stacked segments and you’ll be moving them as a group.

Thanks both but I’m not sure what you mean

  1. Martin - i’ve been selecting all lanes with the selection tool and copy/move the lane stack up till now - is this what you mean? Must be an easier way surely.
  2. Aivares - how do I group the stacked segments?

appreciate your help as i use lanes a lot and don’t want to comp and bounce too early in case need another bit of a lane.

Use the “RANGE” tool


See the video here, please.

  1. If all you need to do is move/copy a stack of segments once, select it by pressing the left key on the mouse and dragging the cursor around the segment stack (no need to unfold the lanes). Like so:
  2. If you need to move/copy the stack multiple times, select it (see no. 1) and hit Cntr + G (to ungroup use Cntr + U). This will group the segments, allowing you to move/copy them just like a single (one-lane) segment.


The problem here is, if you just click to the Audio event, only the top lane has been select (not all lanes). Therefore you have to use the lasso (what you did) or Range selection.