How to move rest to the right?

How to move this rest to the right? I’m using Dorico Elements (4).

You should be able to do this in Engrave Mode by activating the Note Spacing Tool

There, select the square above the rest to select the beat/subdivision, then select the circle next to the rest, hold down Alt/Option, and nudge the rest with the keyboard’s arrows.

Is this available in Dorico Elements?

Yes, it should

I think this is only possible in Dorico Elements 5, not Dorico Elements 4.

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I’m using Dorico Elements 4 at this moment. Is there a workaround?

Not a very practical one, no. Updating to Dorico Elements 5 costs €30 (or equivalent in your local currency), so it might be worth considering updating?

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And so I will. Just read that Dorico Elements 5 offers full control on note spacing.

Updated to Dorico Elements 5 and cannot resolve the issue!

Whatever I try (with voice column index) I end up moving the sharp with the rest.

How to move the rest to the right without moving the sharp located at the left of A?

The rest belongs to the fourth voice and the sharp belongs to the third voice.

See Need to move rest - #2 by rafaelv

You need to have the rest in a voice column index different than the other voices (move the column indexes of the other voices in the properties panel while in Engrave mode) then you can move it independently from the notes.


I did that but when I move the rest it moves the sharp that belongs to a different voice that is assigned to a different voice column index. Btw, you cannot assign the rest to a voice column index. That option is not offered in the properties panel bellow.

Can you share the dorico file (or a version of it that shows the problem)?

Problem with rest placement.dorico (543.4 KB)

I undid the voice column index changes, except for the B note after the pause (because I forgot to).

Yes, the accidental moves togheter with the rest. But you can move the accidental back by selecting it an using the “Accidental X offset” property.
If there is an easier way I’d like to know it.

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Will try that…

That did the trick. Thank you very much for the help!!!

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Really clever @rafaelv!!! I learn each day more, thank to posts like yours!